Happy Family Organics Organic Probiotic Baby Cereal Multi grain ( 198 g)

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MVR 200.00

Make every bite count with the right nutrition for a bright future.

  • Probiotics from B. Lactis
  • Easily Digestible
  • 45% DV Iron
  • 15% DV Choline
  • 15% DV Calcium


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Starting solids for the babies. Contains iron and chlorine which helps to support brain development. Probiotics are from Bifidobacterium lactis. Makes the bellies happy. And USDA organic.


Directions to Use

  1. Pour desired amount of cereal into bowl.
  2. Add breast milk, formula, or water and stir to desired consistency.
  3. For optional heating instructions, see below.
  4. Feed your baby right away. Throw away any leftovers.


Hazard and Caution

  1. Test temperature before serving.

Note: Breast milk should not be microwaved, as it can break down its composition.

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