Gerber, 2nd Foods, Pea, 2 Pack, 4 oz (113 g) Each


MVR 100.00
  • The Goodness Inside: 163 Peas in Each Tub

Exp date:  January 2020


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  • Sitter
  • The Goodness Inside: 163 Peas in Each Tub
  • No Artificial Flavors or Colors
  • Packaging Made With No BPA
  • These Pease Were Grown Using Our Clean Field Farming Practices
  • Non-GMO - Not Made With Genetically Engineered Ingredients
  • Kosher


Directions to Use

Baby foods may be served at room temperature or warmed.

You can feed your baby directly from each convenient tub. If one tub is too large for your baby, spoon out the desired portion into another dish for feeding and refrigerate the unused portion to enjoy later (within 2 days of opening). If you feed directly from the container, discard any unused portion.

To Warm:

1. Remove plastic lid. Remove foil seal completely and discard.

2. Replace plastic lid. Heat on high for 15 seconds in microwaves up to 1500w.

3. Stir. Always test temperature (by tasting) before serving.


Hazard and Caution

Do not use if foil seal is broken or missing.

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