De Cecco Gnocchetti Sardi n° 83

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Gnocchetti Sardi in the region where they were created in Sardinia, they are called "malloreddus" which in Sardinian dialect literally means "little gnocchi" and they are by definition considered to be the most typical dish. It has a tapering shape and it is a short pasta. 

The unusual thing about these little gnocchi is their size, which has been developed to create an exceptional consistency, and the ridged surface which at one time was obtained by pressing the pieces of pasta with the thumb on the bottom of a wicker basket called "ciurili". Nowadays this is done by using a grooved board.

Gnocchetti Sardi is particularly good with traditional recipes combined with fresh ricotta or sheep's cheese, as well as being excellent with tomato or meat sauces.


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Water, Durum Wheat Semolina.

Available in 500g or 3 Kg packs.


Nutritional Facts

  • Energy 1490 kJ/351 Kcal

  • Fat 1,5 g

  • of which: Saturates 0,3 g

  • Carbohydrate 69 g

  • of which: Sugars 3,4 g

  • Fibre 2,9 g

  • Protein 14 g

  • Salt 0 g



Particularly tasty with ricotta or pecorino cheese, Gnocchetti sardi are also excellent with tomato or meat sauces.

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